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Fidelio Suite8

Knowing your guests’ preferences is the first step to exceeding their expectations. The philosophy of Suite8 is to implement a comprehensive CRM module at the heart of a property management solution.

Fidelio Suite8

Stay on top of every aspect of your business.

Suite8 allows you to attach correspondence and activities to guest profiles, thereby giving you access to all relevant information. Furthermore, the document management system gives you the possibility to manage a ‘paperless office’. The Task & Activity function lets you keep track of what the team is doing to make sure deadlines are met. Automatic traces can be initiated for follow-up activities and automated reminders. Stay informed even when you are on the road by exporting these activities from Suite8 to your MS Outlook and accessing the information via your mobile device. The convenient Mailing function provides a multitude of options for sending out targeted, personalised letters or e-mails for special promotions, and also allows you to analyse the success of the mailing e.g. how many reservations were received and can be traced back to a specific promotion offer.

Top functionality – more information – greater guest satisfaction

  • Link profiles and display relations – connect family members, colleagues and companies, create clear organisation charts

  • Correspondence lookup – access everything linked to a profile: confirmation letters and reservation e-mails, for example

  • Guest satisfaction questionnaire function – analysis, keep results

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