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The JVTI business portfolio consist of more than 50 solutions. Company's activities include full range of professional solutions and services  that helps to convert advanced technologies into business value for our customers.

3700 POS

The ruggedized and powerful Oracle Hospitality 3700 Point-of-Sale system is designed for optimized speed of service and enhanced guest experiences. Beyond all standard POS functions,  3700 POS offers a vast range of functionality for process optimisation and increased level of service and guest satisfaction.


Fidelio Suite8

Knowing your guests’ preferences is the first step to exceeding their expectations. The philosophy of Suite8 is to implement a comprehensive CRM module at the heart of a property management solution.


OPERA Enterprise Solution

OPERA offers effective and easy deployment for smaller, independent single and multi-property operations and global, multi-branded hotel chain environments.


Oracle MICROS Simphony POS

Simphony is the premier enterprise enabled point-of-sale solution that enables businesses to flourish by providing tools for success. Simphony may be implemented at a single property, the true value can be found in its ability to scale to a business with thousands of workstations spread over many properties.



Innovative end-to-end software solution that optimize your sales activities and increase revenue while simultaneously increasing customer loyalty to your business.



Inventory shrinkage and costly losses from employee theft, fraudulent returns and other incidents is an ongoing concern for retailers and the hospitality industry alike.


mStation & mTablet

Oracle Hospitality mTablet family of mobile devices and mStation stand provide hospitality and retail industries a business solution found lacking in consumer tablets.


myfidelio is a flexible central hotel reservation system with a Software as a Service model that can meet the needs of both customer groups. It's scalable and designed to respond to the distribution needs of independents, corporate hotels, resorts and hotel chains.

Якорь Hotel
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