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Inventory shrinkage and costly losses from employee theft, fraudulent returns and other incidents is an ongoing concern for retailers and the hospitality industry alike.


XBR® Loss Prevention solution is the world’s most widely used loss prevention and data analysis tool. It goes into action quickly, using exception based reporting methods to easily identify, track, and respond to unusual point-of-sale activity — everything from voids and employee meals to closed checks that were reopened.

XBR® identifies trends associated with key performance indicators and automatically sends alerts to investigators or other designated personnel. Suspicious transactions can be identified at regional, store, departmental or individual level, regardless of whether the shrinkage is due to intentional fraud or innocent non-compliance.

XBR Loss Prevention will have an immediate impact on profitability, operational efficiency, and employee productivity. Oracle Hospitality offers hosting and support services options designed specifically to help foodservice chains overcome barriers to implementation. These options help to control up-front costs without compromising the effectiveness of the solution.


  • Outstanding industry reputation

  • Rapid return on investment

  • Address issues immediately via alerts on incidents and events at all levels of activity

  • Analyze data by location, revenue center, employee, and transaction levels

  • LP reporting that specifically targets high risk transactional activity

  • Focus on exceptions through trends and patterns associated with the key metrics relative to your business

  • Access queries remotely via a web browser


  • Identify employee fraud and collect court-admissible evidence in days or weeks, not months

  • Resolve compliance issues and identify training issues early and easily

  • Improve operational deficiencies

  • Provide easy access to queries by field and store staff

  • Measure operational performance

  • Achieve rapid ROI, usually 100% return in 3-12 months

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