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Innovative end-to-end software solution that optimize your sales activities and increase revenue while simultaneously increasing customer loyalty to your business.


TNG is a state of the art and easy to use tool that helps you manage all your wellness operations in one system. Optimize your resource occupancy with our smart booking system and set individual targets, commission level to motivate your employees.

All services, products and subscriptions are easily managed and controlled: from individual reservations, through sport classes to complex subscriptions and booking series. TNG provides all that is needed - so you can focus on your guests!


TNG is integrated with all main Hotel management systems as PMS, POS, back office and stock control. Sharing guest profiles and packages including services across departments, TNG fits right in as a complete SPA management system.

TNG is able to cover local and centralized loyalty management for your hotel and restaurants.


Keep an up to date client database and recognise your guests by their profile displayed on POS. Give them the bonuses and discounts they deserve, based on their membership level or with gift cards. Your clients can check their account online via personal cabinet.


TNG is ideal solution for large complexes, where clients can rely on the safety of cashless payment and use magnetic cards or RFID bracelets for purchases.

Integration with access control system allows the management of entries and exits in the areas of your establishment.


  • Increase revenue and reduce uncertainty

  • Drive more business through TNG customers log-in area

  • Reward and retain loyal guests

  • Administer bookings and resources with one tool

  • Optimize your sales activities

  • Keep your inventory, cost and profit analysis up to date


  • Smart reservation engine: individual treatments, package and group reservations

  • Complex resource management to optimize occupancy, calculate salary and commission

  • Stock control with standard and easily amended recipes for exact measurements

  • Full menu management including subscriptions, voucher and gift card sales and redemption

  • Detailed and customizable client data base with selection expert for targeted marketing

  • Unlimited number of loyalty programmes with bonus, discount and deposit options

  • SMS and email sending to individuals or selected groups

  • Account management online and on-site with deposit handling

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